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A Fascia Blast A Day Keeps My Cellulite Away

Ok. who is born with a perfect body? Well, I certainly wasn't.... but I would love to show you a few tricks that I've learnt in my 63 years that might help you too.

I'm a real fan of fascia blasting and do it 5 to 6 days a week all over my body and have done so for 9 years.

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You might say what on earth is fascia?

Fascia is a system of connective tissue that encases our body parts and binds them together. Fascia, made primarily of collagen, can be thought of as a sausage casing for your body's tissues. It surrounds muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments and gives them shape. Fascia also connects your skin to the tissue that is directly beneath it.

If the fascia is tight it can cause cellulite..... That was my problem.

When did I start fascia blasting?

I started blasting about 9 years ago, 5 to 6 days per week. I started off just on my upper legs as that was where my cellulite was becoming worse. My daughter was already using a blaster and suggested I try it. I ordered the original blaster and still have it to this day. It has basically travelled the world with me and I always squeeze it into my suitcase.

Has my Cellulite improved?

Yes, most definitely as I wouldn't still be using it religiously after 9 years. I still feel confident at 63 to wear a bikini or shorts.

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How long do you blast for each day?

I don't make a big deal of it, and fit it into my lifestyle. I would spend a max of 7 mins on my legs in the morning and then in the evening I spend 5 mins on my face and ankles.

I have since cut down my leg blasting time to 5 mins as I am using the new Savage blaster and I can blast two legs at once. I've also added my tummy and back to my blasting routine and still only spend 5 mins.

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When do you blast?

I blast to suit my routine. It's always best to blast when you are warm. This can be after exercise or after a hot shower or in the shower.

For me, I do one hour of hot Bikram yoga first thing in the morning and that is the time I blast my legs, tummy and back. It fits perfectly into my day. With the Savage blaster I can do two areas at once.

In the evening, after a shower I like to do my face, neck and chest blast for about 5mins when I'm watching TV and doing my Instagram. I also do my ankles and feet and put on a kyropack.

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What else can blasting help with?

I find from time to time as I live here in Bali and our only transport is a motorcycle that my neck and back can become a little sore after hitting holes in the road. Since I started blasting my back I never feel sore anymore.

How do I blast?

This is the easy and fun part and so so simple

  1. Grab your blaster of choice

  2. Put oil on the area that you want to blast

  3. Scrub your skin like a washboard

That's it. Usually in the morning straight after yoga I have zoom meetings with clients and I often blast then as they only see my head and I can be doing my legs and arms. It must look a bit weird if you had to walk into the room but I like to use my time wisely.

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What is Face Blasting all about?

I've only just started blasting my face during the last 3 weeks and looking forward to seeing results. My skin on my face is still surprisingly not to bad for my age and its just around my eyebrow area that I would like to be a little lifted. I haven't had Botox for a year and when I do get it done I only like from my eyes up to be done as I want to keep it looking fairly natural.

I really look forward to face blasting in the evening as it is incredibly relaxing and can be done whilst watching TV. I do my ankles at the same time and they only take a minute.

I put on a gel kyropack on my face and one on my ankles. I take them out of the freezer 15 minutes before I blast and that way they will be the perfect temperature. I then leave them on for around 10 mins.

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What to expect?

I saw results in about 3 weeks. I could visibly see my legs had less cellulite, more definition and definitely not as wobbly. My skin was definitely smoother. I loved it so much that 9 years on and it's still part of my routine. I feel lucky that at 63 that I can still wear a bikini and feel good. Being realistic you cant expect to have that lovely firm body you may have had in your 20s and 30s but you can still look pretty good.