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Our Bali Home

To be honest we haven't had a permanent home for over 5 years and it's kinda nice not to be living out of a suitcase.

The main reason we leased a house was because of Covid, as we are unable to travel for 5 months of the year anymore.

Right now it's lock down in Indonesia and most countries now won't accept anyone from Indonesia. So we could be here for a while.

We love our home and it has a really nice homely feel to it.

It's quite challenging looking for a villa in Bali as what you see on a website is in most cases nothing like what you actually view.

I've seen amazing villas on Facebook etc and when you get there they look like dumps.

We didn't want to be in the main tourist area and wanted something close to the beach, views, enclosed living....most villas here the lounge room and kitchen are open.

We like to have the option of them open during the day but closed at night for snakes, animal's, plus security.

We like a more natural environment and an area where you can interact with the locals.

We are so close to the best white sand and surfing beaches in Bali and have some fabulous restaurants at our doorstep

We viewed our villa and knew immediately it was the one for us as it ticked all the boxes and didn't need to much done it....only cosmetic stuff.

We moved in and it really only needed soft furnishings and a few extra bits of furniture.

There are some beautiful Indonesian antique pieces here and stunning original art.

Our villa came with a live in house keeper called Tooki. She only speaks Indonesian but we get by with my limited Indonesian. Lucky hubby is pretty good with his Indonesian,

She basically does everything a good wife might😂😂... well nearly everything 😂😂😂

Hubby and I often joke about if we left this villa that we would have to go into a home as we've forgotten how to look after ourselves.

It is so nice never having to do housework of any kind, all your washing and ironing done, your cup of tea and coffee made just how you like it, all your food prepared, she waters the garden every day....most of all she does it with a smile and always singing. I love the way she is so happy to see us when we get home and rushes down to open the garage door.

When you think about it , it's her home as well as she is from a poor island in Indonesia and has nothing. If we have a hotel stay I always flog the shampoo for her and the look on her face is gold😁❤

She has a small apartment at the side of the house.

Our house has 3 large ensuite bedrooms and the upper level ones are huge.

The bathrooms upstairs have huge ensuites with stone baths and open onto a courtyard.

The showers are huge and you could shower a football team in there...never tried it though 😂😂

Every room has a view of the sea and infinity pool.

I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up in the morning and see that view as it just puts you in a serene mood.

The lounge and indoor dining are spacious and very comfortable. The kitchen is large with gas hotplates and large oven. You don't often see villas with ovens as most people eat out in Bali. We also have a microwave and convection oven.

You walk up a very wide stone staircase to the bedrooms. All huge with dreamy 4 poster beds and mosquito nets. All huge built in wardrobes, chest of drawers and day beds to chill as well.

Each room opens up to the stunning sea view and a huge patio with outdoor yoga studio and massage bed and comfortable seating. There is also weights and a TRX.

We have a masseuse that comes in once a week plus if you want nails, cosmetic tattoos, body scubs, yoga and Pilates , these can all be done at home.

There is also a roof deck we never use.

The downstairs outdoor area is just beautiful. There is a huge tiled patio, dining table and chairs , plus a seating area.

There is a lovely grass area that leads you to the infinity pool.

It's a big pool with a cabana in the water and another cabana overlooking the pool.

I can tell you there is nothing better than having sunset drinks in the pool and our huge floating basket .

So, there you have it... we do have it up on Airbnb throughout the year.

If it's booked we just take off for a couple of weeks.

The house is in good hands when we go away, as we have a manager, housekeeper, gardener and pool guy.

I feel so grateful to be living in this beautiful house and Bali.

I wake up every morning and pinch myself.

If anyone wants to stay you can msg me.

I'm more than happy to leave some fashion for you and share our wonderful contacts .

We can also organise transport of any kind and day trips but I can assure you once you arrive here you you will be more than happy to stay and chill.

Here is the Airbnb link:

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Yours in travel, fashion and fitness


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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Sheila,  I'm 62  an Australian and my husband of 43 years are based in Bali Indonesia for 8 months of the year. The rest of the year we travel. 
We travel around Bali on a motorcycle and always 
chasing waves.
I love fashion, fitness,  yoga and travel.
I feel so grateful to be able to lead this lifestyle.

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