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How I face blast for smooth skin using the OMG facial blaster

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I just love fascia blasting and particularly on my face. It only takes about 5 minutes and it helps keeping the skin tight, minimises wrinkles and I always feel like my skin is glowing afterwards. I find in your 60s your skin really starts to sag so I suggest if you are younger than me at 63 START NOW!!! The Balinese have been massaging and fascia blasting their skin for centuries and the Balinese have the most beautiful skin. It is just part of daily life here. All it costs is your time.


Fascia on our body and face is that white webbing that is all over our body that is made up of elastin and collagen. It basically holds in place all the bits and pieces in our body and supports the skin.

We have two types of fascia on our face a superficial layer and a deeper layer.

This superficial fascia is a layer of connective tissue under your facial skin, where it's responsible for giving it lift and tone. If there is tension here and muscle adhesions it can limit blood flow. We all know about blood flow and collagen. We just gotta have both for bright healthy skin.

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Performed correctly, a facial massage will relieve tight fascial layers and reduce facial tension within the jaw and neck in as little as one one session. Four or more weekly sessions can lead to better long-term results. It is such an easy way to regenerate the skin and layers below the skin.

Why I love my face massages

Increases temporary Blood Flow to the Skin: Massaging the face muscles increases blood and oxygen flow, keeping it nutrient-rich and free of toxins. This can improve its appearance over time.

Relieves tension: It's common to carry stress in our neck and jaw. Regular facial massages are a proven way to work out tight spots in your fascia and relieve this tension so you feel lighter—both physically and mentally. seriously is there anything better than releasing tension in your temples.. Love it....

Reduces temporary swelling: Fascial massage can increase blood flow to the region, loosen up tight tissue, and reduce its appearance over the long run. For those of you with scars, there's also evidence it can relieve the pain and itchiness they cause.

Acts as a natural facelift: Listen up.... my fave part...By stimulating your facial muscles and drawing oxygen into them, facial massages can increase collagen production. This boosts the elasticity within your skin and helps give you a healthy, natural glow. We all want to glow!!

Improves product absorption: Massaging your face as you apply products can increase their effectiveness by helping them better absorb into your skin. Gently massage your skin with your fingers as you use moisturizers and serums to help them penetrate deeper.

Encourages lymphatic drainage: Your lymph nodes system is intimately connected with immune system functioning and detoxification. Regular drainage through massage will reduce puffiness and swelling while relieving irritation and even reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Fewer fine lines and wrinkles: Believe it or not, facial massages can have quantifiable anti-aging effects. One study found that patients who used anti-aging cream along with a facial massage experienced more improvements in wrinkles and sagging for less facial aging than those that used the cream alone.

Glowing skin: Regular facial massages can give you a glow—really. Research from 2002 shows that more than half of women who receive one felt rejuvenated and that their skin was brighter, tighter, and more supple after, leading to a boost of confidence.

The overall result? Healthier skin with better elasticity for a more youthful appearance.


Not all facial massages trigger fascial release. Gradual and consistent work is recommended for best results. By releasing the fascia before going deep into the muscles, the fascia stays relaxed and eases the appearance of your facial wrinkles.

If you visit a professional, the practitioner will apply gentle pressure through tapping, kneading, and pinching to sore, tight spots throughout your face to get them to relax. This can happen through the massager's hands, or through the use of a massage tool. You might feel sore immediately after, but the feeling should go away quickly and leave you feeling looser than before.

And don't forget the neck! As the sole source of all circulation to and from your face, a stiff neck can interrupt blood flow and prevent lymphatic drainage—resulting in toxin build up. Keeping the neck loose and flexible allows detoxification to continue and reduce puffiness while potentially improving your complexion.

Use the Face Blaster regularly on your face, and it will help break up tight fascia spots. This in turn helps lead to detoxification, less puffiness and tension, and can reduce the severity of wrinkles. And even if anti-aging isn't your priority, a facial massage with the Face Blaster will leave you relaxed.


Using the Face Blaster to give yourself a fascia massage is easy once you become familiar with the steps.

First, you'll apply an oil like the algae-infused Blaster Oil to the treatment site. The Blaster Oil softens the fat making blasting more effective.

Second, grab the Face Blaster and use it to scrub your skin for a few minutes, using light, brisk strokes over your face along the superficial facial fascia. Afterward, treat your skin with the After Blaster Cream and Tightening Serum to experience brighter, smoother skin


All you need is your OMG Blaster, oil

and cleanser, and you’re on your way to a more youthful face and neck!

Click on pic for link. Use code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount


Click on pic for link. Use code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

Help stimulate blood flow with the silicone scrubbing pad. Exfoliate and invigorate the skin- use with Blaster Oil.

Use the Skin Invigorating Tip with our Face Care Essentials cleanser (or your favourite cleanser) by rubbing in gentle circles to help remove makeup and other grime. Rinse and repeat as much as necessary to get the skin super clean.

I just love using about 1 teaspoon of baking powder mixed with water into a paste.


Click on pic for link. Use code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

Your temples and jowls will love it.

Use the Single Claw Wrinkle Blaster with our Blaster Oil (or your favourite organic oil) On the face, neck, jawline. Use light and VERY brisk scrubbing strokes to perform the “blasting technique”. Remember that Fascia Blasting has shown to reduce sub dermal fat, so don’t blast areas that you might want to retain fat such as cheeks.


Click on pic for link. Use code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

For detailed Blasting and areas like the lips, nasolabial, brows, and crow's feet.

Use the fine Line Eraser Tip with our Blaster Oil (or your favourite organic oil) under eyes, on the brow, the lip lines, nasolabial folds, forehead lines or any fine lines you like. Use light and VERY brisk scrubbing strokes. Feel free to use one hand to brace the skin taut so blasting can occur smoothly.


Click on pic for link. Use code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

The smallest version of the nugget tip for trigger point therapy and targeting wrinkles.

Use the Mini Nugget Trigger Point tip two ways. For stubborn wrinkles use with Blaster Oil and drag the nugget tip of the wrinkle, pressing down like you are colouring or “scraping”. Scrape in small strokes with skin pulled tight perpendicular to the wrinkle. Then with or without oil, you can use the “poke and wiggle wiggle technique”. Press the tip into sensitive areas, and while maintaining pressure, wiggle the tip slightly side to side or up and down to relieve tension.


Click on pic for link. Use code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

Great for Lymphatic drainage, replacing Gua Sha tools.

Use the Mini Lymphatic Gua Sha Flusher with Blaster Oil to flush fluids to the Lymphatic drainage dumps located in the upper neck behind the jaw. With medium pressure drag the flusher so that it drags the skin UP the neck and repeat. Use on the jawline with the same technique, flushing from the chin BACKWARDS towards the ear. You can also use the Mini Flusher on any body part as a lymphatic massager.

I don't put my name to many products but when I do... you know that I love and trust it plus it WORKS. I'm not about trying to recapture my youth but I just want to look as good as I can for the age that I am.

I have been fascia blasting my body for many years and the proof is in the pudding as I feel great and I have absolutely at 63 no aches or pains and feel half my age.

I just want to remain, fit , healthy, active and living my best life.

Yours in fascia, fashion, fun, beauty and travel




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