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My food choices and staying fit during Covid 19

I must be asked 20 times a day what I eat so I promised I would do a quick blog.

To be honest its really simple and definitely not complicated.

First of all I will start with:

Things I don't do

!. I don't weigh myself . I know by my clothes and what I have put in my mouth. Your fork doesn't lie!

2. I don't make excuses eg I'm tired, I'm cold, I'm hot, I have hot sweats, its the weekend, I'm on holiday, its beer o'clock

3. I don't eat protein bars or protein shakes. All my nutrition comes from food

4. I don't eat from a packet ( the only exception would be dry biscuits)

5. I don't take supplements of any kind. I have tried them and they didn't make any difference (read further down regarding research on supplements)

6. I don't eat takeaway food or fast food. If I am really short on time I will heat up baked beans and have it on toast. That's real fast food

7. I don't add sugar. All my sugar comes from fruit

8. I don't count calories

9. I don't say I'm going to start to be good in the New year , on a Monday etc . I'm always mindful and never have to diet anymore

Things I do:

1. I focus on body tone not weight

2. I'm consistent

3. I eat when I'm hungry

4. I eat what is in season

5. I eat fresh food

6. I drink alcohol only on weekends or if we are with friends. Its quite Ok to go to a restaurant and not drink

7. We eat out a lot but I will still make good food choices

8. I make healthy nibbles to go with drinks, eg pumpernickel, cucumber and smoked salmon

9. I drink lots of water, about 2 or 3 litres a day.

10. I drink lots of herbal tea. I love adding lots of fresh ginger to my tea

11. I do bikram yoga 6 days a week , I walk with weights 6 days per week

12. I use my Ashley Black fascia blaster on my legs 6 days per week to keep cellulite at bay. I have used this for 8 years and swear by it. Click on link on picture 13. I have just started a Save Trainer exercise program to maintain strong bones, It takes 7 mins a day and I do this after my yoga.

There is a link for a FREE trial. Just click on the pic below Use code callmeagypsymonthly or callmeagypsyyearly for discounts


This is my breakfast

Very simple and easy food choices.

I never have breakfast until about 10.30 or 11 as I'm really busy until then