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My food choices and staying fit during Covid 19

I must be asked 20 times a day what I eat so I promised I would do a quick blog.

To be honest its really simple and definitely not complicated.

First of all I will start with:

Things I don't do

!. I don't weigh myself . I know by my clothes and what I have put in my mouth. Your fork doesn't lie!

2. I don't make excuses eg I'm tired, I'm cold, I'm hot, I have hot sweats, its the weekend, I'm on holiday, its beer o'clock

3. I don't eat protein bars or protein shakes. All my nutrition comes from food

4. I don't eat from a packet ( the only exception would be dry biscuits)

5. I don't take supplements of any kind. I have tried them and they didn't make any difference (read further down regarding research on supplements)

6. I don't eat takeaway food or fast food. If I am really short on time I will heat up baked beans and have it on toast. That's real fast food

7. I don't add sugar. All my sugar comes from fruit

8. I don't count calories

9. I don't say I'm going to start to be good in the New year , on a Monday etc . I'm always mindful and never have to diet anymore

Things I do:

1. I focus on body tone not weight

2. I'm consistent

3. I eat when I'm hungry

4. I eat what is in season

5. I eat fresh food

6. I drink alcohol only on weekends or if we are with friends. Its quite Ok to go to a restaurant and not drink

7. We eat out a lot but I will still make good food choices

8. I make healthy nibbles to go with drinks, eg pumpernickel, cucumber and smoked salmon

9. I drink lots of water, about 2 or 3 litres a day.

10. I drink lots of herbal tea. I love adding lots of fresh ginger to my tea

11. I do bikram yoga 6 days a week , I walk with weights 6 days per week

12. I use my Ashley Black fascia blaster on my legs 6 days per week to keep cellulite at bay. I have used this for 8 years and swear by it. Click on link on picture 13. I have just started a Save Trainer exercise program to maintain strong bones, It takes 7 mins a day and I do this after my yoga.

There is a link for a FREE trial. Just click on the pic below Use code callmeagypsymonthly or callmeagypsyyearly for discounts


This is my breakfast

Very simple and easy food choices.

I never have breakfast until about 10.30 or 11 as I'm really busy until then


3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons of flax seeds, 1 tablespoon of turmeric, half a banana, 4 chopped up dates, about a cup of chopped papaya, half a dragon fruit, half a mango, half a cup of pineapple, grated coconut and then about a tablespoon of honey on top

If I want a change I will have two slices of wholegrain bread with 2 eggs and big salad

Lunch is usually around 2 and will be something simple as dry biscuits with tinned chilli tuna with tomato and cucumber or a chicken salad.

Dinner is simple like a chicken curry with rice, a big bowl of thick chicken soup , chick peas, packed with vegetables, chicken breast or fish and salad or veggies.

Dessert is always a magnum white almond ice cream.

Now that's simple and easy and no calorie counting.


I haven't been to a gym in over 12 months and frankly I don't miss it. I got myself into a rhythm of exercise from the excuses

1 hour of Bikram yoga each morning. I do this on my phone from You tube. I've been doing Bikram yoga for about 13 years. Great all over body workout that includes , stretching, strength , flexibility and open eye mediation. I do this now on our outdoor yoga studio that we have just completed at home. After yoga I do an quick 7 minute bone strengthening program that I've just started from Save Trainer.

A free 14 link is on the pic Use code callmeagypsymonthly or callmeagypsyyearly for discounts

In the cool of the afternoon I walk with my husband about 5 kms with 2 x 500gms ankle weights on and carrying 2 x 3 kg hand weight's just made from 1 litre water bottles filled with sand and water whilst doing various arm movements. Killing two birds with the one stone. It is very hilly where we live so its a hard 5 km walk. I'm dripping in sweat when I get back.

Since we've just completed our yoga and massage studio we are just loving having a massage each week.

Some interesting research on supplements

Research on supplements by John Hopkins Medicine

A 2019 analysis examined 277 trials involving more than 992,000 people from around the world. The data included 16 vitamins or other supplements, and looked at their links to death and cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

While the researchers found that most supplements didn't cause any harm, they also were not linked to a reduced risk of death or developing a cardiovascular condition. The supplements that were examined include multivitamins, iron, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C and E, among others.

The researchers did find two supplements that were slightly beneficial, however.

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements were linked to an 8% reduction in heart attack risk and a 7% reduction in heart disease risk, compared to those who didn't take the supplements.

"People should focus on getting their nutrients from a heart-healthy diet," said Erin D. Michos, senior author of the analysis. She said that the data increasingly shows that most healthy adults don't need to take supplements.

A 2013 analysis from Johns Hopkins also found that multivitamins didn't reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, mental decline or early death.

So this is my food and exercise routine and you don't even have to join a gym.

Work out what suits you and your lifestyle and I cant even begin to tell you the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

I'm 63 now and I hope to continue this for many years and I see no reason why I can't. Who knows I may be still rocking a bikini when I'm 80.... hubby will need to iron out the wrinkles though. lols

So here is what I do and now its up to you.

Yours in fashion, food and fitness


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