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Well, if you love Bali you will go nuts over Aqua Nusa Villas, Nusa Lembongan

Where do I start... even though we live in Bali, we haven't been to Nusa Lembongan for about 20 years. It's only a short 30 min fast ferry ride from Sanur in Bali and at the moment two per day. We went on D'Camel ferry and there is plenty of others to choose from.

The fare now for 2 people return is RP600 or about USD45....very reasonable

The ferry is well organised and they carry your bag on. We just travelled with a backpack each.

I suggest wearing slip on flip flops as you have to get on the back of the boat and you are calf deep in water. The water is beautiful and warm, so nice and easy.

We had pre organised rental on a scooter before we left but even if you haven't there are many over there.

I recommend Aldi from Aldi as he was there waiting for us and he took us to our super easy and that's how I like it.

He also does tours and snorkelling His Facebook is Aldy Motor Cros Whatsapp 0819 1624 1981

If you are travelling with a surfboard make sure you request a bike with a rack to make it easy. We opted for a bigger bike an Nmax and it was around USD 7 per day. You could get a smaller bike for a lot less.

There are really no cars on the island , just bikes so it is such a pleasure to get around. The only cars we saw where like a work ute and probs only saw about 5 in 4 days.

Bali is a nightmare to get around but here was the opposite and you immediately got into the chilled island vibe.

The Villa

Aqua Nusa villas was only a short 5 min ride from the ferry. As you walk up the stairs you can just feel it's gonna be good. I can't even describe the view as we were walking up. On the walk up to the villa you are surrounded by many stunning restaurants virtually sitting on top of the water.

The villa is a luxury one bedroom 2 bathroom villa with a kitchen . It opens out onto a lovely wide patio facing the amazing view . There is a lovely big couch outside, table and 2 sunbeds. Oh, did I mention the 2 level infinity pool that is all yours.

Inside there is a lounge room with a big TV. To be quite honest we never even put the Tv on!

The bedroom has a king bed and is very spacious with lots of wardrobe space and looking right out to that spectacular view.

The master bedroom has a really big bathroom, huge shower and good lighting.

The kitchen had a small electric hotplate , sandwich maker, etc. We only made cups of tea and coffee as there are many reasonable priced restaurants in walking distance or a quick bike ride.

I thought the restaurants in Bali were very affordable but they are even cheaper in Nusa Lebongan. We ate at some great restaurants whilst there.

The view from our villa was out of this world and I cant even describe to you how fabulous it was to sit there in the evening with a cold beer and wine.

The villa we had is called Villa Chantique and in the Aqua Nusa complex, I think one of the prettiest villas. The villa is so private and your own private infinity pool really takes it to another level.

This villa would be so perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

Click on any pic for the link to the villa.

About The Island

Super easy to get around but you do need a scooter to make life easy. Riding a scooter is very easy here as roads aren't crazy like Bali.

You can go across to another island called Ceningan. You get across by driving over a yellow bridge. Its a famous bridge and has been rebuilt in 1990 as it collapsed and 9 people were killed. The bridge is only big enough for motorcycles.

Ceningan is a beautiful island as well, with beautiful beaches and unique restaurants with gorge views.

The people are super friendly and so helpful. If you are looking at your phone on the side of the road they stop and ask if they can help.

As you can imagine these islands have been struck hard with Covid as tourism is the main industry.

Many people have turned more to farming seaweed as an alterative income. You can see seaweed drying on the side of the roads and people carrying big baskets of seaweed.

The seaweed is taken to Java and sold from there all over the world as food and cosmetics.

Things to do

Just let me say you are spoilt for choice. Everything is here, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, yoga, fishing or just chilling...what could be better.

If you have ever thought about getting your scuba diving is your chance as it is so inexpensive here compared to other parts of the world. You could get your Padi open water certificate here and do some ocean dives.

We didn't dive this time but next trip this will be on my bucket list as hubby and I have travelled all over the world diving when we were younger.

The same goes with surfing as there are some great learner waves on the island. There are plenty of surfing schools here and places to hire boards if you haven't bought your own.

We used and very happy with the service. Just ask for Wayan

I think the best thing is just to get on the bike and explore as there are so many hidden treasures here from beach clubs to stunning beaches.

Restaurant's and beach clubs that we loved

Some really good restaurant's here and so very affordable.

Here are a few that we tried and definitely would go back to each one.

Indiana Kenanga:

We first stopped by just to have a look. It was fabulous so we had a couple of late afternoon beers and decided to come back for dinner the next day.

Food and ambience just perfect.

Thai Pantry:

Just at the start of the steps leading up to the villa. We ate here twice and loved it. The view is just amazing and you are basically sitting on top of the water. Food and drink really well priced

Nyomans Warung:

A local warung (casual restaurant) right on the beach near the mangrove forest , about a 15 minute ride from the villa.

There is something nice about eating lunch with your toes in the sand.

The freshest fish and cold beers. We came for lunch, I had tuna in some yummy spices and steamed in banana leaves served with vegetables and rice. so delicious. a super generous serve.

Hubby had Satay chicken and was excellent.

The total bill for two meals, 2 ice teas and a cold beer was RP130 about USD$8

White Corner:

Another local beach warung(casual restaurant) with stunning views and lovely to sit and watch the world go by.

This was a 2 min walk from our villa and we would enjoy breakfast there and a few beers in the afternoon.

You could also buy beers here to take home. The food was always fast and tasty and lovely people that ran it.


We loved this place over the bridge at Ceningan. It's right on the water and the food really good. The décor is so unique and a photographers dream. We had breakfast here and loved it so much that we stayed on into the afternoon. We lay by the pool, swam and ate so more... really what could be nicer.

I would love to come back again and have sunset here. They also have live music here twice a week and of course "Happy Hour"

Le Pirate Beach Club

This cute place was also over the bridge at Ceningan. You can enjoy a nice meal here and swim in the beautiful pool. Such a very relaxed atmosphere. They also have cottages that you can stay in. We stayed for coffee and cake and a great chat to the manager. Really loved this place. I would definitely return to have a meal.

Sandy Beach Club

Another great place to eat, have a cold beer and swim in the pool. We only had time for a coffee but great ambience and true beach rustic style.

Dream Beach

We spent the day at Dream Beach Huts and it was the best last day. I can see why its called Dream Beach. Stunning, stunning location. You can spend all day here and use the two affinity pools. The food was great and super cold coconuts. Really inexpensive prices too. I would definitely come back here.

That's a bit of an overview on beach clubs and restaurants that we enjoyed but there are so many more and we intend to be back and try some new and old.

Thank you so much Aqua Nusa @aquanusalembongan for spoiling us and we just had the loveliest time at Villa Chantique.

Click on any pic for links

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