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Dreaming of Travel

I've started to plan travel.....what about you?

We are heading off this week to tour Java , the main island of Indonesia and spend some time hiking and sightseeing.

Also in December we are heading to Koh Samui in Thailand and I just can't wait . Next year we are planning to go to Europe and travel around Turkey and maybe Greece for a couple of months.

For me, Europe is my fave destination for summer and I can think of nothing better than beach days and summer evenings sipping Aperol Spritz at sunset.

We always have travel insurance from The Wise Traveller and so many people rely on the insurance that their credit card provides.... trust me read the fine print as it is just not enough.

For the last 6 years we have used The Wise Traveller for our insurance and they seriously have unbeatable rates and they now also cover you for important.

Please click on any image to find out more.

You can either buy Asian pacific cover or worldwide . These can be bought as standard or premium policies but all COVID covered.

Tropea in Calabria South Italy is one of my fave places to visit and we have spent many leisurely weeks on holiday there.. We really hope to be able to get back there again next year.

This is the real Italy, few international tourists, amazing food and beautiful beaches.

I highly recommend getting out of the main tourist areas in Italy and heading south to Calabria and Puglia.

What I just love about The Wise Traveller insurance is that you can take as many trips throughout the year as you want.

In fact , I just love their cover so much that I have become an affiliate for them. By using my affiliate link you will automatically be given a 15% discount.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, IT'S LETHAL

Thank you for reading and happy travels.

Yours in fashion, travel, fitness and health.


Call Me A Gypsy


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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Sheila,  I'm 62  an Australian and my husband of 43 years are based in Bali Indonesia for 8 months of the year. The rest of the year we travel. 
We travel around Bali on a motorcycle and always 
chasing waves.
I love fashion, fitness,  yoga and travel.
I feel so grateful to be able to lead this lifestyle.

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