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Noomi... My New Night Serum


I'm very excited about this new night serum I am actually took me a year to find the right one. I wanted one that was only product, no water , organic and sustainable. I cant' tell you how hard that was to find. I eventually sourced one from Scandinavia that ticks all the boxes plus its affordable. That is really important to me.

In fact I am so happy that I have become an you know I don't promote many products and I am really choosy, it has to be something that works and is affordable for the average woman.

When and how I use it.

I still use my Tretinoin 0.01% gel after my shower around 7pm in the evening . When I go to bed around 10.30 I will then apply two pumps of Noomi night serum to my face and décolletage. That's it quick and easy

Let me tell you a little about Noomi and why I love it ....I think you will too.

Use my code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

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  • Firm up sagging skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Smoothen, soften and hydrate your skin’s surface

  • Fade age spots and hyperpigmentation

  • Brighten your skin for that wonderfully radiant glow

  • While keeping it protected, looking healthier & more vital every day

A Scandinavian Extract Cocktail For Your Skin’s Health & Vitality

BirchTech Hybrid™ works so effectively thanks to Swedish Birch Sap. A rare Nordic ingredient— wild harvested ONLY once a year— that serves as the potent base of our unique formula. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as a host of enzymes that help to strengthen & repair your skin while fighting inflammation. And with significantly smaller molecules than water, Birch Sap penetrates faster and deeper into your skin delivering all the active ingredients exactly where they need to be, in the right amounts.

You can see why it works so well with these fabulous ingredients.

Some of these powerful active ingredients include:

  • 0.5% Microencapsulated Retinol - By using small sugar shells that encapsulate the retinol, our formulation gives you the firming and collagen boosting benefits of retinol without the redness and irritation. Our time-release retinol in BirchSap is able to penetrate the skin slower than it would with water, releasing just enough retinol into your skin at timed intervals to stimulate production of collagen without redness or irritation.

  • 8% Artic Brightening Complex - This complex of Vitamin C and infused Swedish Roseroot work in synergy to lighten age spots and fade even some of the most stubborn hyperpigmentation for a clear and bright complexion as your skin matures.

  • 2% Hyaluronic Acid - which has high potency in mixed forms. It intensely hydrates and plumps skin with a long-lasting effect.

  • Wild Swedish Sea Buckthorn - Restores elasticity and tone of aging skin. Deeply hydrates and plumps, while helping the skin to maintain optimum moisture.

  • Wild Swedish Cloudberry - This Omega rich extract protects and helps to rebuild the barrier to help keep skin hydrated, plumped and healthy-looking with free-radical scavenging antioxidants.

  • Wild Swedish Lingonberry - Quickly improves hydration & tone with anti-pollution protection. It neutralizes stress-inducing free radicals, pollution, and smoke thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants.

  • Wild Swedish Chaga - As one of the strongest Antioxidants available today, it gives natural, potent protection against free radical stress & environmental damage. Protects against blue light damage caused by screens and detoxifies skin overnight.

  • Organic Avocado Oil - For protecting against environmental damage while softening and nourishes the skin, and helps skin lock in essential hydration.

  • Organic Oat Oil - Being high in essential fatty acids and phospholipids, it nourishes and soothes mature sensitive skin.

  • Organic Olive Oil - Naturally rich in Vitamins A, D, K and E + Squalene it moisturizes dry skin, protects against premature aging and manages sun damage.

  • Use my code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

Some more GREAT reasons to love Noomi


Precious, potent botanicals from the world’s largest organic-certified forest.

  • 100% Natural

  • Wild-Harvested

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Use my code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

  • Click on any pic for link.


The Nordic Lappland in north Sweden is home to the world’s largest organic-certified forest—about 13 million hectares to be exact—and nearly 99% of Lappland forests are organic-certified. These precious ingredients grow in untouched areas, far from pollution.

Scandinavian flora endure arctic winters & hot summers—generating powerful natural protection to remain beautiful, fresh, vibrant and alive. NOOMI Stockholm harnesses these diverse, powerfully potent actives to deliver to your skin a healthy vibrancy and unbounding glow.

The power of Nordic nature in a bottle—pure and simple.

Use my code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount


Our products are bespoke-crafted in Sweden for the highest quality, purity and potency. Hand-cultivated and specially designed to embrace nature’s greatness.


Waterless beauty offers some very interesting benefits for cosmetics:

  1. Removes Filler & Creates More Room for Goodness Most cosmetics products contain up to 95% water, which provides no real benefit to the skin. Taking out the water means that the product is filled with ingredients in high percentages that can actually make a true difference in your skin.

  2. Prevents Drying Effects Associated with Water Evaporation Water-based products have actually been found to dry out skin and hair because water evaporates, taking many of the skin’s healthy and natural oils along with it.

  3. Preservative-Free Water-based formulas require effective preservative systems to prevent microbial growth that can threaten formula safety. By removing water, we keep our formula preservative-free, making it easier for us to deliver high-concentration efficacy in 100% natural formulas.

  4. Use my code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount


NOOMI Stockholm strives to streamline your routine, so you don’t have to worry about layering or needing many different products. Removing water also means that our products are filled with ingredients in high percentages focused on improving your skin.

We stand for formulas that embrace efficacy & kindness—from nature, to you.

So , there you have it. I've spent 1 year finding this product and I am just so happy with it and would love you to try it too.

Use my code SHEILA10 for a 10% discount

Click on any pic for link.

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