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Let me tell you about the good purple oil...Noomi Wild Purple Oil

You know I love Noomi ....and now they've released a new purple oil, WILD BLUE FACIAL OIL

Let me tell you 2 drops of this oil goes a really long way... the bottle would last for ages.

A Potent Blueberry Oil Unlike Any Other

Swedish Blueberries are a special breed and an excellent source of Anthocyanins.

Containing more than 10X the level of anthocyanins found in other fruits like strawberries, raspberries, or even other common blueberries, the oil from their unique seeds makes Wild Blue a potent addition to your skincare routine.

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Other blueberry oils simply cannot match.

This is because the ever-changing weather of Scandinavia, with its harsh, cold winters & hot summers forces the trees, fruits, and vegetables that grow there to adapt in order to survive.

Many of these plants store more nutrients than normal or modify their chemical structures to withstand the intense temperature changes.

Swedish Blueberries are no exception!

Please use DISCOUNT code SHEILA10 for a 10 % discount

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Smell The Aroma Of Heavenly Blueberries

Wild Blue truly smells of delicious blueberries and nothing else.

Noomi rare oil is cold-pressed from mature Swedish blueberries, without heat when the berries are at their most active & potent state, so the oil comes out pure and raw with the natural, sweet wonderful aroma of fresh blueberries.

Regular blueberry oils in the cosmetic industry are cold-pressed from green young berries because it’s easier and a lot less expensive, and therefore lack this important antioxidant and potency.

Please use DISCOUNT code SHEILA10 for a 10 % discount

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To get this active compound in its most potent form, the harvesting windows are very short and we can therefore only produce this luxury elixir in limited quantities.

Noomi oil is 100% organic and made in small exclusive batches, with the seeds hand harvested once a year when the berries are at their peak, in only organic-certified areas far from pollution.

My Skin’s Needs Has Changed With Age

Please use DISCOUNT code SHEILA10 for a 10 % discount

Along with estrogen, Elastin and Collagen; two very important skin proteins, also start to drop as a woman enters menopause and maturity. These proteins are responsible for giving the skin a vital, healthy look.

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Without enough elastin, the skin weakens, thins out, and starts to sag — and as collagen drops the skin loses the youthful volume and firmness it once had.

Seeing your skin and appearance “seemingly age overnight” can be distressing and even depressing for many women. It’s a lot of problems to deal with at once.

But just because these changes are natural, doesn’t mean you should sit back and let them take their toll. It simply means it’s time to focus on preserving and protecting what you already have.

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So, the good purple oil is addressing that problem and making my skin appear more youthful.

Aging is a natural process that we can't stop but we can certainly help ourselves.

As well as environmental factors that contribute to breaking down precious collagen, our skin just

becomes thinner as we get older.

But by using potent, healthy & organic products that protect it from further damage… your skin can look and feel more vital at any age…

Letting us enjoy the best skin of our life even as we mature.

I'm really happy with my skin right now and I think its actually better now than when I was 40.

Take Your Pick — Neutral or A Vibrant Rose Gold

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Wild Blue comes in 2 distinct variants — a Version 1 in a neutral shade, and a Version 2 Infused with a rose gold shade.

The non-irritating, ethically made, Rose Gold Mica dust in Wild Blue Version 2, adds a subtle fresh rosy sheen to the skin, which is ideal if your skin tends to look more dull and tired than usual.

Wild Blue’s unrefined, pure nature makes it perfect for even sensitive mature skin and allows us to retain the nutrients and antioxidants of the oil without any additives or harmful chemicals.

How To Use Wild Blue

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As an Essential addition to your mature skincare routine, Wild Blue is easy and quick to use. No complicated layering or cumbersome applications needed.

Add a couple of drops evenly to your skin after cleansing. You can apply it on its own or over your face cream/serum like BirchTech Hybrid. Let it sink in for a couple of seconds before applying makeup if used in the morning.

Wild Blue can be used alone during the day & night. However, to use both before bedtime start with applying BirchTech Hybrid. Apply 1-2 pumps evenly to your facial skin, neck, and decolletage. Give it a minute to dry. Then massage a couple of crops of Wild Blue into the same spots on your face, neck, and decolletage. Then sit back and enjoy the results.

To go one step further:

  • Cleanse and lightly exfoliate with your Konjac Sponge Morning/Evening

  • Apply Wild Blue in the morning and in the evening for optimal results

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  • Apply BirchTech Hybrid before Wild Blue in the evening

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  • Use the vegan silk pillowcase to let the products fully work

Please use DISCOUNT code SHEILA10 for a 10 % discount

To increase its effectiveness and add some extra hydration and protection, you can also mix a couple of drops of Wild Blue into your face cream before applying it to your skin.

If added to the scalp, simply take a couple of drops of the oil and massage it into your scalp to let it sink in and increase circulation.

As you are already aware , I don't collaborate with many brands but when I find one that I love I just want to spread the good oil.

If you can relate to me , you know that I accept the fact that I will age but I just want to look as good as i can for as long as I can.

You will find links to products on all pictures.

Yours in beauty, fashion, fitness, fascia blasting and travel.


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