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My Skincare & Beauty Secrets

I often get asked about my skincare routine from followers so I'm letting you in on a few secrets that I use religiously.

My skincare philosophy is exactly the same as my fashion philosophy and that is it has to work and be affordable.

You will very rarely see me promote a product, and if you do you know I believe in it and it works. I want those who follow me to spend their money on products that actually work.

The products that I have mentioned here i have used for at least 3 years.

OK Lets start skincare first:


I first heard about this fabulous product about 20 years ago when I read a biography of Cher and she said that she used Tretinion cream or gel.

I had forgotten about it until about 6 or so years ago until I went to a doctor for menopause and he said it was great for skin.

So, he wrote a script and I started using Tretinoin 0.025 %. This is the lowest dose.

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Tretinoin , I find this a difficult word to say but a product that I just love and wish I started it years ago.

Tretinoin was originally developed as an acne treatment in the 1960s. But while researchers were studying its powers to resolve breakouts, they noticed that patients who used it were getting an unexpected bonus: an improvement in the appearance of photoaged skin.

This prompted scientists to set up new, well-controlled clinical trials. Users in these trials experienced improvements in wrinkling, pigmentation and roughness—as well as in the overall severity of photoaging.

This is how it works

Under the microscope, researchers have seen Tretinoin produce significant changes in epidermal and dermal skin cells and tissues. Out in the real world, users see an improvement in their acne, and with the Tretinoins approved for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and roughness, users see an improvement in these signs of photaging.

My First attempt at using this product

When I first started using this cream at the lowest percentage 0.025% it really made my skin peel, red and tender.

I stopped using it as it was a hassle to keep going to the doctor etc and it was expensive around $70 to $80 for a tube....

I started using it again about 3 years ago and found the perfect way of using it on my skin with no side effects like the last time.

I now buy this product direct from an online pharmacy in India without a script. I have been ordering various products from this pharmacy for 3 years now. They're really great.

The good news is that it is only USD$5.66 per tube as opposed to paying $70-$80 plus doctors fees! It also lasts about 6 months. Now that's money back!

I buy about 5 tubes at a time plus the eyelash serum and this saveson postage.

Here is how I use it now to avoid any redness, peeling etc

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I use 0.1% strength which is the strongest that you can buy. There is also 0.05% available.

I would suggest if you are going to start using it that you start at the lowest dose 0.025%

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How I use the product:

After I have my shower in the evening and my face is clean { I only use soap and water in the shower} I apply a pea size amount on my hand and I mix it with Nivea face cream (use any face cream or oil that you prefer). I then apply to my face, neck, chest and hands as I would any other moisturiser.

It is important that you use at night, as your skin is sensitive to sun and it can be doing its work whilst you are sleeping.

It is very important to use sunblock during the day while using this product.

It's that simple and that is the only face products that I own.

It definitely doesn't take up a lot of room in my suitcase.

When I was researching information before using I read that it takes about 9 -12 months to see results but I saw results within 3 months. I am consistent in using it and apply every night.

Side Effects:

I recommend using the lowest rate first 0.25%. I also recommend using it the way I described above, as I have had no irritation at all whilst using it.

If not, expect skin irritation when first used. This will include skin peeling, stinging, really red irritated skin until your skin gets used to it.

Very important to wear sunblock as it increases the chance of sunburn.


It is one of the most powerful skin care products in the war against aging skin.

Tretinoin helps by quickening the rate that skin cells turn over. It also improves the skins retention of collagen, which gives the skin it's firmness and elasticity. Natural collagen production also decreases over time, and Tretinoin is one of the only ingredients proven scientifically to positively affect this process.

Something Extra:

The only cream I use on my face is Nivea that I buy from the supermarket. I also smear the gel of fresh aloe vera on my skin. A lot of Balinese ladies use the aloe vera so I thought I would give it a shot as it grows everywhere here.

I can definitely see a huge difference in my skin this year since I have been consistently using Tretinoin.

I come from Queensland, Australia and we have the unenviable record of the highest rate of skin cancer and skin damage in the world.

I basically grew up at the beach or playing tennis in the searing sun without any form of sunscreen.

Considering what my skin has had to cope with, at 62 I am very happy with my skin.

True Story

A friend of ours is an ingredient buyer for a large cosmetics manufacturer in Switzerland and they make for the high end ranges and a few supermarket brands.

The high end ranges from about $250-$500 per jar down to $10 for a supermarket brand.

He basically said it is just about all the same ingredients that go into the high end or cheaper brand and the only difference is the branding.

He brought me over about $5000 worth of product and I asked him will I wake up looking 21 in the morning.

He just turned and said "I'm not a magician"

That sorta' sums it up really!

Remember use your own due diligence if you plan on using this product.

There is loads of information out there for you to read.

I am telling you what works for me and how I apply it. Everyone is different though.


Who hasn't tried eyelash extensions? I know I have about 3 years ago and so glad that I don't anymore.

I now use a product that I am really happy with that I

also buy online from the same pharmacy in India. (links below)

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I first heard of this product 3 years ago from a girl that I did yoga with. She suffered from glaucoma and she told me the side effect was her incredibly long eyelashes. My ears pricked up and of course I went home and Googled.

Please do your own due diligence with this product and I am only telling you what I use and how I use it.


Bimatoprostis the main active ingredient present in Careprostopthalmic solution. This drug is quite similar to a natural chemical in the body called prostaglands, used to increase the density, thickness and darken the colour of the eyelashes. It is widely used because this drug shows minimal side-effect and very effective.

Bimatoprost eye drops were invented to treat glaucoma but the clinical trials revealed that the eye drop solution is causing eyelash growth in participants. As a result the drug was modified and re-introduced as an eyelash growth serum shortly. This is how Bimatoprost eyelash growth solution comes in to the picture.

(Click images to view product... )

It’s very important to keep eyelash lengthening medication out of the eye.


Long thick eyelashes within about 6 weeks. I could notice mine becoming longer at 14 days

How I use it:

I use it every night by applying to the upper lid only, with a thin brush. I am very careful not to get any in my eyes and have never had a problem.

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So there you have it. I have a really basic low cost beauty routine. I am a true believer that no matter what I paid for a jar of cream for my face that I will not wake up and look 21 again.

I do believe that by using a simple routine, I can look as good as I can for my age.

Please feel free to ask questions.

Yours in fashion, travel and fitness.


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