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Start Some Good Habits For The New Year

Lets start the New Year strong.

Do you, like most people, start your New Year strong?

Then, you lose all momentum three weeks later when life happens?

And, before you know it, your New Year's resolution becomes Next Year's resolution?

I'm all about habits.... good habits that is. In fact I think my habits over the last 30 years have meant that I don't have to diet, I don't have to make new year resolutions to start exercising etc

For example I treat exercise a little like brushing my teeth.... if I don't brush my teeth daily I would feel really bad... that's how I feel about exercise. Its just something I do and enjoy each day.

I would suggest if you do want to start a healthier lifestyle that you don't make to many changes all at once and just do one a week.

I think so many people worry to much about calories and weight. I don't... I focus on body tone and muscle. That works for me.

We all basically know what we should and should not be eating. Its not rocket science to know if you've eaten pizza and beer or wine Friday night, more or less the same Saturday and Sunday you're not only going to feel lethargic and gross but you will have put on weight for sure.

Its Ok to eat pizza and beer but just do it one night... make some good choices the other nights.

Its little changes in habits like this that will make all the difference... I promise

We travel a lot and eat out a lot but I just choose well from the menu and limit alcohol to 2 nights a week, maybe 3 at a push.


Be realistic with exercise.... if you don't love it just start by walking. Something is better than nothing. You will always out lap the person still lying on the couch.

When you are comfortable with walking add something else in like some yoga or some weight's.

I like to walk with weight's in the evening and that way I'm killing two birds with one stone.

I can't tell you how good you will feel after a great walk or a yoga session.

Choose activities you enjoy, whether that’s running outdoors or taking an exercise class

You will soon start seeing changes to your body and your overall attitude and positivity.


I think its best not to make too many changes at once.

If you buy your lunch maybe start taking something healthy to work. Not only will you be eating much better but you will save yourself a bomb and can give yourself a treat with the saved bucks.

Cut out things like putting butter on vegetables or on your sandwich. Include fruits and lots more vegetables.

Its little things like this that will make a difference.

If you do have to have pizza or similar just have one slice and order a yummy salad to go with it.

Learn to read labels and eat more natural foods.

This could be more fresh foods like fruits, veggies, meats, and alternatives or even frozen versions of your favourite things to snack on.

Clear out space in your pantry and avoid buying products with suspicious ingredients – if you can’t pronounce it, maybe you shouldn’t eat it!

Most weight loss comes from changing to healthy food choices rather than exercise. Its 80% food and 20% exercise. Its so easy to change your diet by making healthier food choices.

Choose whole grain breads and cereals, Eat a lot of fibre, fish, nuts and seeds


So, lets start with a healthy happy year, small changes can make such a big difference.

Yours in health and fitness


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