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What I Eat & Healthy Eating

My most asked questions I get asked on Instagram is "What do you eat?" What type of diet do you follow?" How do you lose weight"

I must be asked 20 times a day what I eat so I promised I would do a quick blog.

To be honest its really simple and definitely not complicated.

So I will try to answer them all on this blog.

I am not a dietician or a nutritionist but speaking from life experience at 65.

I once asked this question about losing weight myself to someone in the know in the body building industry, and they replied "don't focus on body weight but focus on body tone and that was probably the best advice I ever got.

Twenty years ago or so I would get up in the morning and weigh myself and do the same again in the afternoon, but now I don't, as I basically maintain my weight year in year out and not worrying about the calories but focusing on the type of food and the quality of the food.