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Make Food Your Medicine or Medicine Will be Your Food

My most asked questions I get asked on Instagram is "What do you eat?" What type of diet do you follow?" How do you lose weight"

So I will try to answer them all on this blog.

I am not a dietician or a nutritionist but speaking from life experience at 63.

I once asked this question about losing weight myself to someone in the know in the body building industry, and they replied "don't focus on body weight but focus on body tone and that was probably the best advice I ever got.

Twenty years ago or so I would get up in the morning and weigh myself and do the same again in the afternoon, but now I don't, as I basically maintain my weight year in year out and that is not worrying about the calories but focusing on the type of food and the quality of the food.

I think you have to keep in mind that just because you are slim doesn't mean you have a good body. To me, a good bod is toned and shapely not skinny. I have seen people that are skinny fat and even though they might be slim they don't have toned bodies.

You can eat an apple or a small piece of cake and both will have the same calories but the apple is far better nutritionally for you.

I will share with you what I eat on a normal day and its all pretty straight forward and definitely not complicated to cook. We eat out about 4 times during the week and I will share what would be a typical meal to eat out.

Remember what I eat is not trying to lose weight but maintain. I will suggest what I would eat if I wanted to lose weight.

A normal days food

I find the older I get the simpler I want food to be and don't want to be faffing around all day with food.


We don't have breakfast until about 10.30 am as hubby is always surfing from early morning and doesn't get home until then and I am generally on zoom calls.

I always start the day with 3 large glasses of water and I have recently been adding powdered collagen that I bought here in Indonesia.

I have 3 gms of collagen in the morning and the same in the evening.

In between when I get up and have breakfast, I will have a big pot of tea with a teabag, cut up turmeric, ginger and half a lime. I sip this when I'm on my zoom calls.

Here is a typical day if we are staying home.

Breakfast will consist of chopped up fresh fruit in season, pineapple, apple, papaya, dragon fruit with a squeeze of lime over the papaya. I don't weigh stuff but lets say 1 cup of each.

I will then make some porridge made with water. I will have about half a cup of dried porridge and then cook it with water for a couple of minutes.

I then add about a half a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of turmeric. Turmeric is really good for health.

Into the porridge I will add about 5 chopped dried dates, a banana, coconut flakes and top it up with milk and a dessertspoon of honey . I also like it topped up with prune juice instead of milk.