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Extra things I do to stay in shape

Remember success doesn't come from what you do occasionally.......It comes from what you do consistently.

I am open to all ideas relating to staying toned and flexible and I would like to share with you what I do in my normal routine at 62 years young.

On a normal year we travel a lot and everything has to take up a minimal amount of space are a few things that are always in my suitcase. Even in my backpack I will squeeze in my fascia blaster.

These are things that I have been doing for at least 6 years and on a daily basis. It's not a stop start thing as I do everything with consistency.

Click on the picture for the link to the Ashley Black Fascia Blaster

I believe in all honesty that this fascia blaster is one of the major things that has kept my pins in shape and allows me at 62 to feel comfortable wearing a bikini or shorts.

As you know when you get older, things can get a little wobbly in the thigh area, anyway mine do.

I have used a great product that works for me and I have used this for around 6 years

consistently for about 5 to 6 days per week.

It only takes 5 minutes per day and not only firms the wobble and smooths cellulite but gets into tight areas on your shoulders and back.

Click on the picture for the link to the Ashley Black Fascia Blaster

Before (6 years ago) and After Pics:

Click on the picture for the link to the Ashley Black Fascia Blaster

How I use It :

How I use It :It’s this simple: I use on bare skin with oil and simply scrub lightly like you would using a loofah. That’s it!

Apart from cellulite and wobbly bits you can use it also for soreness in the back and neck etc

I use it on my neck area and lower back as these areas sometimes get a bit tight after lifting weights and hitting potholes on the motorcycle.

It is called an Ashley Black fascia blaster and I bought it online from the states for $89.

The FasciaBlaster® by Ashley Black is a self-massage myofascial tool for massaging your tissue. It can massage fascia and muscles on almost any area of the body.

You can use it all over your body and I have seen wonderful results when used on the face.

You can buy a smaller one for your face as well and I will probably buy this one shortly as I would like to try it out.

Seriously, the first few times I used it, my legs were very sore and bruised and then after that it was fine. I was only using it lightly but it really hits the spots.

I also wasn't applying a lot of pressure to get the bruising and I had to lay off for a few days as I was sore.

I always use it with oil, baby oil is fine, and here in Bali I use a local sandalwood oil or coconut oil. You can also buy a special oil from Ashley Black.

The body should be warm, so I find after hot yoga or exercise works for my routine. You could also use it in the shower when your body is nice and warm or after your shower.