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My Fitness Routine

I keep my exercise routine pretty simple.... I no longer go to the gym and since Covid I exercise at home.

It's really easy as all that is required is discipline and no excuses, then it makes no difference if you go to the gym or not.

You don't have to be particularly fit to start ... you just need to be consistent and disciplined and it will win the race every time.

I always set my intention and by that I mean setting my alarm clock for the same time at least 5 mornings a week.

At 6.30 my alarm goes off and it is just daylight here in Bali.

My morning session starts with a FREE You Tube class of Bikram Yoga. I have been doing Bikram yoga for 16 years now and just love it. I do it outside on our patio with a beautiful view of the pool and sea.

There are so many free classes to choose from but this one is my fave.

It takes one hour and first thing in the morning is the easiest for my routine.

I wasn't flexible when I started yoga but month after month I gradually got better and better.

After I finish Yoga I go onto to do 50 wide leg squats on my toes and 50 normal wide legged squats. using my TRX. I then follow by 100 lunges.

After I do the squats I will do about 5 to 10 mins of chest and triceps.

Before I shower and still warm from exercise I will do a quick 10 min fascia blast over my body.

I blast to keep my fascia flexible but also for cellulite.

I've finished by about 8am and ready for breakfast and going about my day.

Late in the afternoon around 5pm as the sun is going down my husband and I will go for a walk with our puppy for 4kms. It is quite hilly where we live so I never like to loose an opportunity of adding some weights into our walk.

On my ankles I add 2 x 2.5 kg ankle weights and my arms I will carry 2.x 4ks hand weights.

I like to do about 4 different exercises with the hand weights...around 1 km each exercise. biceps curls, shoulders, triceps, chest or arm raises. If you don't have dumbbells just fill up some drink bottles with sand and water.

Its a workout that I just love and easy to do anywhere. If you want to start exercising I suggest starting with lighter weights and gradually build up.

I started exercising about 35 years ago and hadn't really done much before apart from walking and playing tennis.

Those days at the gym it was either aerobics or step classes and I loved them all.

They gradually introduced weights to step and I was hooked.

I just love lifting weights and you can see the benefit's quite quickly.

I've found through all these years of gym , weights and yoga that I never put on weight, I don't have to diet and just eat can just ignore the scales

The Benefits of yoga

I really believe yoga promotes self care. You'll notice you are more aware and more mindful of what you eat and make better food choices.

Its great for strength, flexibility and balance at any age.

I find it is also good to help you focus.

There are just so many benefits and I'm so grateful that its a part of my daily routine

I don't have an ache or pain in my body and I put that down to yoga, exercise and fascia blasting.

The Benefits of Weight Training

Strength training builds and maintains muscle mass

Fantastic low impact cardio workout

Weight training makes maintaining your weight so easy

Weight training is so important for bone health especially as we age.

There is nothing better after a good workout session than that feeling of accomplishment.

So there you have pills, no diet, no fasting , just good habits, discipline and no excuses.

Join me, I promise you will be so much stronger and fitter than you could have imagined that you could be.

Yours in fitness, fashion and travel


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My name is Sheila,  I'm 62  an Australian and my husband of 43 years are based in Bali Indonesia for 8 months of the year. The rest of the year we travel. 
We travel around Bali on a motorcycle and always 
chasing waves.
I love fashion, fitness,  yoga and travel.
I feel so grateful to be able to lead this lifestyle.

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